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Links On The Web

Websites that have effective connections to and from other web assets are ranked better than those that are not.

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Connecting to Websites

Links to and from your website have an impact on it's effectiveness. They need to connect to related sites. Links to sites that are not related to your site can hurt your ranks.

Connecting to Blogs

Blogs that make regular posts and have a good following can be a good place to get links from. Getting bloggers to write posts on your business that link to your website will help you get the traffic you desire.

Connecting to Social Media

Social media is becoming a greater factor in traffic to websites. Mentioning a business and linking to a site can have an impact on site visits.


The greater the variety of connections to your website, the more effective they will be. And how much traffic they will generate will vary with your industry. It is key to determine what your competitors are doing and that you are competitive.

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