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How Small Businesses Use SEO

A small business needs a plan customized for its need. A small business with a local market needs to target a market area. A small business with a national market needs to focus on specialized phrases. We can help you do either one.

The Three Primary Factors In SEO

There are three primary areas that impact your ranks. First is the design of your website. The layout and arrangement have a major impact. Second is the updating of your site’s content. Websites that are posted and left alone will loose ranks over time. Third is links to, and from, your website. The importance of this element varies with your market.

Web Design

The design of your website is a critical element of your rankings in the search engines. We review your website design and help you make modifications that will help your SEO.

Some clients need their sites redesigned. Our parent company provides affordable website redesign for many small businesses.

Content Management

Our primary work comes in the management of your website’s content. We take your current content and modify it to help ranks. When you add new content we edit it for you before it gets posted.

Content is king! It’s structure and placement can have a significant impact on search engine ranks.

Web Connections

Links to your website can help or harm your search engine ranks. Connections from blogs, websites and social media need to be managed effectively.

Good links help your ranks. Bad links can be toxic and will hurt your search engine ranks. They need to be removed or disavowed.

Beware Of False Promises

When someone claims that they will improve your ranks without changing your website, beware! Content is the primary factor that gets your site ranked. It needs to be monitored and updated regularly.

Our specialty is web work for small businesses. We even manage small websites for businesses that don’t want to do it themselves.

A major part of our work is the monitoring and managing of website content. The placement of text, the text in headlines, even features of graphics and images can impact your search engine ranks.

If you have a reasonably simple website, then you can turn over the management duties to us. When you need modifications made you simply send them to us. We will make them promptly.

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

If not, it should be. Websites that are not designed for mobile devices lose significant positions in the search engines.

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Get Desired Visitors

A traffic increase is worthless if the traffic comes from the wrong places. Our SEO services target desired visitors. We match your goods and services to visitors looking for your services.

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Search Engine Rank Report

Our SEO services include a search engine rank report that is updated daily. The report takes your targeted phrases and tracks their ranks daily.

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