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Get Online Marketing For Your Small Business

SEO for Small Business Websites (SBW) is a web marketing organization with many years of experience delivering positive results to clients. Our clients have a variety of web marketing needs. Some need to focus on SEO. Other need to focus on social media. Most need a combination of the two.

A quality website can help you get desired customers from the web. We can help you improve your website and get desired traffic to it.

We Specialize In

SEO for Small Business Websites

Web marketing is a key element for small businesses today. And SEO is a key element in web marketing. That’s what makes SEO for small business websites so important.

SEO has become more complex over the years. Today, their are more experienced individuals in the market that work for small businesses. Some small businesses hire individuals to do their web work. And that includes web design and SEO. For those who can’t afford an in-house expert, we are available. We provide a range of services designed to help your business’s website get traffic from the web.

Increased Visibility Gets

More Desired Visitors

Small businesses need more than just visitors to their websites. They need desired visitors. You need visitors to your website that are looking for your products or services. We help you get exactly that.

More Visitors Result In

More Customers

Once we get desired visitors to your website, they will be more likely to turn into customers with a well designed websites. Our site redesigns increase the number of customers our clients have.

More Customers Lead To

More Business

An increase in customers will result in more business. And an increase in sales is one of the primary missions of a small business’s website.

A Range Of

Other Uses

Businesses and organizations have other uses for websites. From posting news on blog sites to providing email address for employees, our services include web management that helps in many other ways. If you have other ideas for your website, then give us a call and lets discuss how we can help you with them.

Our SEO Services Include:

Web Design For SEO

The design of your website is one of the most critical elements in getting search engine ranks that benefit your business.

Tools Available

There are a range of tools available to help with SEO. We incorporate those tools into the management of your site.

SEO Management

Once we have enhanced the design of your website, we work on the management of your site content.

Information Sources

An incredible amount has been written on search engine optimization. Here are some information sources that will help you understand SEO.

Our SEO Works!

Our Services Are Customized For Each Website

We Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

Every customer we have is unique. We customize a web marketing strategy for each one.

When you use us we work to learn about your business and learn about your market. That includes research of your competitors’ web marketing.

Different Businesses Have Different Market Areas

Small Businesses Pursuing Local Markets

Many of our clients target their local markets. In most our those cases their market is limited by the area they can service.

We customize our work on their web design, social media and SEO marketing to gain visitors in their local markets.

Small Businesses Targeting A Wide Area

We have a range of customers who service the whole country. From industrial doors to liquid filling machines to dog collars, we have helped a range of small businesses sell their products across the country.

Give us a call and lets discuss your products and your market area. Then we can give you an idea how an effective web marketing campaign can benefit your business.

"The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google search."


"Better content is outweighing more content"

Rand Fishkin

"What gets measured gets improved."

Peter Drucker


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SEO For Small Businesses

Our SEO services work with the whole marketing programs of our clients.


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