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SEO And Website Design

The design of your website can be a key element in your search engine ranks. The web is changing daily. Sites that have not been updated regularly over extended periods of time suffer in the ranks. SEO and website design go hand-in-hand.

We can redesign your existing website or we can design a new site from scratch. Either one should improve your ranks in the search engines.

Is your website designed for mobile devices? Websites that are not mobile friendly are penalized in their rankings.


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Experienced Web Designers

Web Design Experience

We have designed websites that work with search engines since 1999. Whether you need a small site targeting a local market or an E-Commerce site with hundreds of products, we can create an effective website that will work well with SEO.

SEO and website design work together to reach desired rankings in the search engines.

Website Redesign

Design Review

We can review your website and help you determine what changes need to be made to the look and the layout.

Content Review

Next we review your site’s content. This is normally the main thing that needs improvement. We can modify, or replace, content to improve search engine ranks.

Website Redesign

If your website is very outdated, then we can start from scratch and created a new site designed for SEO.



We Can Design a New Website

We design custom websites for a wide range of businesses. Our designers can create a site designed specifically for your business.

Mobile Friendly

Our sites work on all web devices. This is essential for SEO.

Modern Designs

We design modern sites that stand out in your market.

Site Management

Our designers are available to make changes to your site whenever you need them.

SEO Benefits of a New Website

When we design your website, SEO is a major factor. We design sites to be fast. We create content that targets desired phrases. We layout pages to make site movement easy.

These and other factors impact a website’s rank in the search engines.

Getting your site to rank in the search engines are our primary mission. Once we have accomplished this, our next mission is to keep the ranks we want. This takes regular monitoring and management of your website.

Learn more about web management from our sister website.

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