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Content Is Key To SEO

If someone is providing regular SEO services and not making regular modifications to your business website’s content then consider yourself had. New content is a key element in getting ranks.

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Mobile First

Content needs to be primarily designed for the mobile device. Most likely your website is going to be viewed by a new visitor for the first time on their mobile device, even if your targeted customer is another business.

Easy Reading

For most small businesses their content needs to be an easy read. Long hard wording can drive a visitor away from your website quickly.

Fast Pages

For mobile devices, pages need to be fast. Content that is slow (i.e. – videos) should not be on the first screen of a page to be optimized.

Steady Information Flow

Once your website has been optimized, it needs regular updates. New content is a key element in getting ranks above websites that do not properly maintain their site.

Scheduled Updates

Our SEO services can include a customized plan to make scheduled updates to your website.

See Results

Our search engine rank reports will allow you to track the results of our SEO work at any time.

“Content Is King”

– Bill Gates

SEO for Small Business Website

SEO for Small Business Website