About Us

SEO Experience

Huck Huckabee is the owner and manager of SEO for Small Business Websites. He started his first website in 1999. The site served as a search engine for a local market. From that point he has worked with a range of business across the country on SEO projects.

Our Specialty

Customized SEO

National Markets

We have years of experience in helping clients get their site ranked across the country.

Local Markets

Businesses that traget local markets need a different SEO strategy than those targeting national markets. We know how to help them.


Our Approach

Our Approach to SEO

The first thing we do is learn about our clients. We learn what they want their website to do for them. And we help them determine what they need from the search engines.

From that point we make modifications to their sites designed to get the performance they need from their sites through SEO.

Our services include rank reports that are updated daily. This help us, and our clients, monitor the progress of our work.

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