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When your business uses our SEO services we assign a specialist to learn about your business and research the market it serves. Then that person will work with our team to create an SEO plan for your website.

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There are over 30 million small businesses in the US. Are clients finding yours on the web?

SEO for Small Business Websites in 2019

Small businesses can increase their profits dramatically with valuable ranks in the search engines. Those ranks are attained through professional management of quality websites. The mission is quality SEO for small business websites. That’s where we come in. We provide the professional SEO management that small businesses need in 2019.

Three Primary Steps

Our SEO process begins with three primary steps. First, we research the key words used in our clients’ markets. Second, we set attainable goals for our clients based on their market and their budgets. Third, we make changes that will help our clients reach those goals.

Keyword Research

Our SEO process begins with keyword research. With our clients we come up with a long list of phrases that we thing our target market will search for. Next, we research those phrases and determine which ones are searched for on a regular basis. Finally, we determine what phrases we will target for our clients.

Attainable SEO Goals

After researching keywords we determine what phrases to target. All businesses want high ranks for phrases that are searched for often. A small business that makes this their policy is wasting their time and money. We help our client determine what goals are attainable and develop a plan to reach those goals.

Making Changes

Change is the next critical element. Websites need to be reviewed and analyzed for their shortcomings. There are a wide range of elements that can often be improved that will help a website’s rank. A site’s rank is impacted by content layout, text editing, images, and the list goes on. We work on making those changes.


The Importance Of Keyword Research

At SEO for Small Business Websites We Target Productive Keywords

Find Keywords By:

Related Searches

For many searches the search engines offer a list of related search phrases. This is a good place to get an idea of phrases that should be tracked.

Research The Market:

Competitor Sites

Another good place to look for additional search phrases is a competitor’s website. Looking at meta tags, headlines, page titles and other content can give us an idea of what phrases they are targeting. That information helps us determine what phrases to target.

Keyword Tracking

Our Small Business SEO Work Includes:

Setting Goals

We review the purpose of your website and work with you to set goals for search engine ranks. Setting goals is a continuous process. Target phrases are added or removed regularly with the primary goal of increasing desired traffic to your website.


Keyword Research

We determine what attainable keywords will work the best to reach the goals we set. Over time we learn what phrases are attainable and what phrases are not. Then we put our time into the phrases that will get the site visitors you want.

Competitor Analysis

We will analyze competitors to learn about your market and how to compete in that market. Our research includes reviewing your competitors websites. We review their headlines, their page titles, their text, their images and other content items. That research helps us learn what content modifications need to be made on your site.

Strategy Development

Our small business SEO services include a customized strategy developed for your business. Different clients have different attainable goals. That attainability is often determined by the range of competition in the clients market. At SEO for Small Business Websites we work to customize a strategy for each client.

Web Work

SEO Rank Reports

Our SEO services include search engine rank reports. They track the ranks of any website for targeted phrases in specific cities or zip codes. The reports show the progress of the work we do at SEO for Small Business Websites.

Daily Tracking

Track Local Markets

Three Search Engines

Proof of Value

Our rank reports prove the value of our services. Modifications we make to your business’s website will have an impact on your site’s rank. You will be able to see the changes in ranks on a daily basis. However, long term improvements will show our true value. Ranks are tracked from the day you begin to use us. You can monitor their changes over the short term and the long term.

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Longterm SEO

Our SEO Work Is Longterm

Daily Rank Reports Add Up

After you begin working with us we provide you with a daily search engine rank report. While this allows you to see the short term results of our work, our primary goal is to get valuable ranks over the long term. Our reports allow you to compare ranks from the day you begin using our SEO services.

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Daily Tracking

Content Management

Text, images and code and other content elements impact SEO. We modify those elements to improve your ranks.

Some of the first work we do is modify our client’s content. Poor content requires significant changes. Quality content can often be tweeked to improve desired site ranks.

At SEO for Small Business Websites we have years of experience in content creation and editing. We will use this experience to improve your website.

Content Is King

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