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Today, when people ask "How did you find that?" a common answer is "I Googled it!" People turn to the search engines to find what they are looking for. Small businesses must get valuable ranks to get customers. Small business SEO (search engine optimization) helps them get those ranks.

We started managing a search engine for a local community in 1999. That business has evolved into an SEO company for small businesses across the country.

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Most Small Businesses Want a Professional Website that Ranks Well In The Search Engines

SEO for Small Business Websites

SEO Expertise

A website can be an essential element of a small business. A website that gets quality rankings in the search engines can be a significant asset. It takes some work and expertise to get those rankings. We can provide both. Our SEO services help many small businesses get those ranks. Contact us and we will discuss what we can do for your website.

The Process

We begin with a search engine rank report that serves as a starting point for our SEO work for your business. From that point we track our progress with your website. Once we review your rankings we incorporate our web design, site management and other web skills to improve them. You can review the progress of your ranks at any time.

Web Design

The design of your website is a critical element of your rankings in the search engines. If your website is lacking then our partners at Small Business Websites can design an affordable business website for you from scratch or help you redesign your existing site.

Site Management

Our primary work comes in the management of your website. Our designers make regular modifications to your site designed to improve it's rankings. Those modifications include everything from text editing to generating links from other websites.

Web Connections

Links to your website can help or harm your website's ranks. Connections from blogs, websites and social media need to be managed effectively. Those that are toxic can be damaging to your search engine ranks. We will monitor your links and improve their impact on your ranks.

No Contracts For Our SEO Services

We are confident that our customers will be satisfied with our SEO services. So confident that we require no contracts. You can sign up for our services for your small business with no obligation.

SEO Considerations

There are many items to consider when doing SEO. We help you understand what is important. We are an SEO company for small businesses.

A range of element involved in SEO.

Search Engine Rank Report

We offer search engine rank reports that are updated daily. Do you know where your site ranks?

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The Only Constant in SEO is Change

We Help You Keep Up

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SEO for Small Business Websites

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