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An effective website can make or break a business. Before a website can be effective visitors must be able to find it. For the majority of businesses this is done through effective search engine optimization (SEO). That's what makes SEO for small business websites so important. Our SEO services are customized for each client. They are designed to connect our clients' websites with their desired visitors.

These are the primary areas small businesses need to focus on for their websites:

Website Design

Today websites must be fast and mobile friendly. Proper website design will employ the structure that meet this requirement.


A site's content needs to be inviting to visitors. Posting images and text that attracts attention gets more visits and better ranks.

Page Structure

Basic page structure needs to be optimized. Page titles, headlines, content order and other structured items impact SEO.

Strategic Links

Website links can significantly impact ranks. In-links need to come from popular legitimate sources. Out-links need to be to related sites.

Keyword Research

SEO work begins with the selecting of keywords. Keywords are the phrases we decide to target. Keyword research determines what keywords will bring desired traffic to your business's website.

Related Searches

For many searches the search engines offer a list of related search phrases. This is a good place to get an idea of additional phrases that should be tracked.

For example, when Google looked up home remodeling on a mobile device it offered eight additional phrases. These are phrases that have been searched for in the past.

From the list provided we can add phrases that relate to our target market.

Google Suggestions:

Choosing related search phrases

Competitor Sites

Another good place to look for additional search phrases is a competitor's website. Looking at meta tags, headline, page titles and other content can give you an idea of what phrases they are targeting.

Many times your competitors have already done their homework on choosing additional search phrases. Information on their sites can save you time and give you ideas that you may not come up with otherwise.

How Do I Track My Search Engine Ranks?

We provide a search engine rank report that keeps a record of your site's ranks from the time we begin our services.


SEO for Local Markets

Most small businesses target selected market area. Search engine ranks differ in various markets. Our rank reports can track specific cities or zip codes.

Let's Get Started With Your Business's SEO

Contact us for a free consultation. We will review your site and come up with some primary goals for your SEO. Once we have agreed on a list of goals we will research keywords, review competitor sites and then develop a strategy for your SEO program.

Setting Goals

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We review the purpose of your website and work with you to set goals for search engine ranks.

Keyword Research

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We determine what attainable keyword ranks will work the best to reach our goals.

Competitor Analysis

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We will analyze competitor websites to determine what would be the most efficient keyword targets.

Strategy Development

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Changes to web assets will change website ranks. We create a strategy to improve ranks.

Rank and Traffic Improvements

The primary goal of SEO is the increase of desired traffic to your website. Over time rank reports and analytics show site movements. As the site moves it needs to be analyzed and changes made.

Rank Reports and Analytics

Our search engine rank reports track your ranks. Our web analytics reports track your traffic.

Over time, ranks move and analytics change. These changes influence the SEO work we need to do.

SEO Work

We work to improve your website's ranks. From site structure to text editing, we make modifications designed to improve ranks.

Our rank reports and analytics show the results of our work.

Continued SEO Service

Once your goals are reached our service continues. Our rank reports keep track of your site's progress. We monitor your site design. Your site content is monitored and edited. Links to your site grow over time.

Website Redesign

Some clients need their websites redesigned. We can help. Contact us for more details.

Rank Reports

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We begin by selecting phrases to track. Then we check their ranks. Next, we set goals. Then we begin to make changes.

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Site Design

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Well designed sites get better ranks. We can help you improve your design, structure and content.

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Site Content

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Content, images and code all impact SEO. We modify those element to improve your ranks in the search engines.

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Link Building

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When sites on the web link to your site, the search engines recognize the connection. We help build links.

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Learn more about how we can help your business with SEO.

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